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Product Development, Research and Due Diligence

Product Concept and Design

James Benya has succeeded in foreseeing lighting trends and technologies and providing his clients with a unique and advanced perspective. Possessing the most complete and thorough knowledge base of lighting equipment and applications, Benya Lighting Design helps clients develop products and concepts for the future. We conceive new lighting products that are designed for the future lighting markets of North America and the world.We work primarily with energy efficient light sources in combining industrial design, photometric performance, style and broad market possibilities.
Product Assessment, Marketability, and Marketing Assistance
We can help a manufacturer size up the appeal and opportunity of a proposed new lighting product. Or we can help determine better ways to market existing ones. We know what Specifiers want and need - and we provide candid advice that manufacturers need to hear.
Due Diligence
Investors in lighting companies and products need counsel and opinions from time to time and Benya Lighting Design is among the very best choices for thoughtful advice. We can help quickly and sanely evaluate a product, a company, an invention - and we gladly sign and observe non disclosure documents to protect intellectual property and financial interest