Expert Witness Testimony

James Benya possesses one of the most robust expert ratings of any lighting expert in North America.  Since 1980, he has provided expert witness testimony in over 100 cases.  He has testified in cases regarding:

  • Trip and Fall
  • Assault
  • Product Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Wrongful Death
  • Libel
  • Light Pollution (Excessive Lighting)
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As a lighting and daylighting expert, James can testify in cases for either the plaintiff or the defendant in federal, state or county courts.

James may give opinions regarding lighting design, lighting applications and visibility.  He may testify regarding artificial light, safety lighting, LED, lasers, headlights, lighting fixtures and emergency lighting.

He has also appeared on behalf of neighborhood groups seeking to prevent light pollution. Most recently, James has been an expert witness in cases related to claims that Canadian oil refineries produced excessive lighting, lighting that negatively impacted the environment.

James can provide reports concerning industrial, office, commercial, automotive and airport lighting. He is able to explain complex technical lighting issues in ways that are easy for the lay person to understand.

To contact James, email him or call him at (503) 519-9631.