SCE Classes by James

On July 20 and 21, 2010, James presented classes at Southern California Edison's CTAC Facility in Irwindale. Class presentation downloads (click on title) are:

July 20: Maneuvering Lighting Design Within Title 24, ASHRAE/IES 90.1 and IECC

July 21 Daylighting Basics

Abby and James Do Green build - Again!

Phoenix.....On November 10, Abby Vogen Horn of the Daylighting Collaborative and James presented their all-day program "Lighting and Daylighting with Efficiency" at the 2009 USGBC Greenbuild conference. Attendees can download the program slides as follows:

Part One: Regulatory Environment

Part Two: Daylighting

Part Three: Lighting Equipment

Part Four: Design Concepts and Approaches

Major Zero Net Building Program

On November 6, James presented an extended, four hour class for PG&E at Los Positas College on Zero Net Building Design. For a copy of the program, click here. Note: this class requires considerable explanation; read the slides with this in mind.

PLDC Conference in Berlin

James taught a short course in Zero Net Building Design as part of the international Professional Lighting Design Conference in Berlin on October 29. For a copy of the program click here.

LED Is the Topic

Greensboro NC - James presented three classes at the IES Conference on October 14. Comments by James about LED lighting systems created a minor furor and several follow up emails and issues. Attendees can download the program material here, here and here and a response to several companies that were concerned about James's comments here.

Maneuvering Lighting Design Within Title 24, IECC, and ASHRAE/IES 90.1 presented at SMUD

Sacramento -On August 18, James presented a day long program on the world of codes and other regulatory standards involving lighting at the SMUD Lighting Classroom. For a copy of the program click here.

James Presents at NeoCON in Chicago

Chicago - James presented three programs at the largest contract furniture and interior show on June 15 and 16. The three programs can be downloaded by clicking on the title:

The Technology of Sustainable Lighting

The Design of Sustainable Lighting

The Costs and Benefits of Sustainable Lighting

Daylighting Symposium in Rotterdam Draws an International Audience

Rotterdam - James Benya and Professor Marc Fontoyant of Lyon co-moderated the third Velux daylighting conference on May 13-14. The conference was attended by architects and lighting designers from 33 countries.

James Wins the 2008 GE Edison Award

New York - Leading the team of Mike Neils, Juan Jose Villatoro and James Christensen, James won the 2008 Edison Award, one of the world's most prestigious lighting design awards. His design for the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium also won the Edison Award of Excellence for Environmental Design, the first outdoor lighting project in the world to win both. For more about the program, go to

Solid State Lighting a Hot Topic in California

Santa Clara - James was among several lighting designers presenting at the Annual Strategies in Light Conference in the Silicon Valley. In his brief presentation, James challenged the attendees to think outside the can and off the track when inventing LED lighting systems. Download the presentation Niche to Mainstream here..

James Named to ASHRAE/USGBC/IES 189.1 Committee

Chicago - James joined this super important committee, charged with developing a sustainable design code, becoming the committee's lighting and daylighting expert and working with other committee members on all aspects of creating a code for states, cities, and government agencies to adopt that mandates LEED qualified buildings, without requiring actual LEED review. Higher levels of sustainable design will still need to use the USGBC process, however.

Seriously Sustainable Lighting

James developed this new material to step up and take charge of the Road to Net Zero. Having designed the lighting (and some of the electrical systems) for two net zero buildings and three off-grid homes, James used this experience to create a down to earth concept of conservation and renewable generation that can accelerate many buildings' march to Net Zero, the Architecture 2030 Challenge. For a copy of the slides, click here under the session you attended (slight changes in each):

October 9, 2008 Queenstown, NZ - the IESANZ Annual Meeting: click here

January 20, 2009 Detroit Michigan USA - Lawrence Tech University School of Architecture - click here

January 21, 2009 Portland Oregon USA - the Oregon Section IES Meeting - click here

Lighting Design Basics presented at LightFair International 2008

Las Vegas......James presented a two day lighting class named after his book to a class of 60 at LightFair. Students wanting a copy of the slides should click here.

Dark Sky Update Program at LightFair International 2008 presented by James and Cheryl English

Las Vegas....On May 28, Cheryl English of Acuity Brands Lighting and James presented their annual dark sky/model lighting ordinance update. For a copy of the program click here.

James Explains LED's at SDG&E Efficiency Program

San Diego.... On May 8, James presented a program on the State of the Art in Solid State Lighting. Attendees can download the program by clicking here.

School Lighting Conference Presented at the James H. McClung Lighting Center

Conyers, GA....On 4/29, James presented the School Lighting Class for attendees at the Lighting Center. Download the morning session here and the afternoon session here.

James Presents Lighting Fundamentals for Mount Hood Community College

Tualatin, OR...On April 25, James presented a 1/2 day program to a class in efficient buildings at the Earth Advantage classroom in Tualtin. Class Notes can be downloaded here.

Energy Center of Wisconsin Hosts Benya All-Day Programs

Madison., WI... On April 15, 16 and 17 James Benya presented an all new program "Lighting Design with Efficiency" in Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago on behalf of the Energy Center of Wisconsin. Over 150 lighting designers, architects, and engineers learned about the latest in Lighting, Daylighting and Energy with an application focus. The four part program can be downloaded here by clicking on the title::

Part One - Regulatory Environment

Part Two - Daylighting Design and Integration

Part Three - New Lighting Technology (including Light+Building Best of Show)

Part Four - Design Approach

Due to the length of the program, James did not finish discussing a number of building types. Attendees can download the following papers here (click on title). NOTICE: these materials were originally prepared for use by Connecticut Light and Power and United Illuminating Company, and portions have been used in their educational and rebate program materials. Portions may be copyrighted by CL&P and/or UI. Please, do NOT copy , cite or use this material other than for your own personal education. Thanks to CL&P and UI for supporting his work.

Lighting for Common Spaces

Lighting for Stores

Lighting for Big Boxes

Lighting for Classrooms

Lighting for Grocery

Lighting for Gyms

Lighting for Offices

Lighting for Industrial Facilities

Net Zero is James's topic in San Francisco

San Francisco.....Returning to the Pacific Energy Center, James presented The Short Road to Net Zero to a packed audience of engineers, architects and sustainable building supporters on March 27. For a copy of the program click here.

Sustainable Design Program Features James in Vancouver

Vancouver, BC....On March 5, James joined other speakers in presenting a Sustainable Lighting program for the IESNA BC Section. The slides can be downloaded here.

ASID Art Lighting Program Taught in Portland

Portland...... At the Portland Architectural Heritage Museum with lighting designed by James, ASID members were presented with a program for lighting artwork on March 4, 2008.. The program material and accompanying article can be downloaded here.

James Teaches at Ball State University

Muncie...... Despite some really rotten snowy weather and miserable air travel, James made it to the campus and taught as part of BSU's innovative Daylectric lighting program. Presentations can be downloaded here and here..

Solar San Antonio Presents Daylighting and Lighting Programs by James Benya

San Antonio....On October 25, James Benya taught the Lighting and Daylighting class at Solar San Antonio's HIgh Performance Schools Workshop. James's presentation was sponsored by San Antonio based Lucifer Lighting. For a copy of the presentation click here.

EWEB Hosts Two State of the Art Lighting Programs at Lane Community College

Eugene, OR......On October 23, James Benya taught two half day classes in lighting attended by local architects, engineers, contractors and energy efficiency students. Download the program PDF's by clicking on the title:

Morning: Lighting Design Basics

Afternoon: Have You Heard? Efficient Lighting on the Shelf!

James Visits Canada

Montreal....On October 16 James spoke to the IESNA Section in Montreal, Quebec followed by a different program the following day in Ottawa. For program downloads, click on the program titles:

Montreal: Wake Up and Take the LEED: Lighting for a Sustainable Future

Ottawa: Top Ten for Lighting Design and IESNA

Benya Explains School Lighting at Luminarios 2007

Albuquerque....IESNA members at the Luminarios Conference and Trade Show on October 4 learned about the latest state of the art in school lighting in this presentation supported by Visa Lighting. For a copy of the program material, click here.

James Repeats the Sustainability Message in Greensboro/High Point Meeting

Greensboro....On October 2, James presented a reprise of his IESNA Centennial Program called "Lighting for a Sustainable Future" to the Triad Section Annual meeting and seminars. New material included information on current LEED Platinum projects and Net Zero Energy designs. For a copy of the program, click here.

Benya and Baker Share the Green Spotlight at Green+Design Conference

Atlanta, GA... At the Green+Design conference on October 1, James and Alex Baker from US EPA explained high efficiency residential lighting to an audience of designers and developers at the inaugural conference. In his presentation called "Getting the Green Light", James explained the technical and aesthetic issues of residential lighting with a Green touch. Click here to get the presentation.

James Teaches Lighting Technology and Concepts to Electrical Contractors

San Francisco....At the National Electrical Contractor's Association meeting, on October 5, James presented a program teaching Green Lighting and related technologies and issues in a program called "It Isn't Easy Being Green....but it is Profitable". Over 30 contractors and engineers attended this all day workshop.Click here to get the presentation.

Benya Illuminates the Northwest Power Planning Association

Sun Valley, ID....James delivered an address to the NWPPA's annual meeting about current and evolving lighting technology on September 24. Attendees learned about the new LED products that actually work in ordinary settings. For a copy of the program click here.

LED Leadership

San Diego, CA....James presented the architectural lighting case to attendees at the LED Leadership Summit at the Hotel del Coronado on November 28, 2006. For a copy of the presentation, click here.

Benya Presents at CLTC Annual Meeting

Davis, CA.....Highlighting the California Lighting Technology Center's Annual Meeting on November 1 2006, James Benya presented a Report Card on lighting technology called "Have You Heard? Cutting Edge Technology on the Shelf!". For a copy of the presentation click here.

James Named IALD Fellow

Chicago, IL....The International Association of Lighting Designers named James Benya as a Fellow of the Association. This makes him one of only seven lighting designers in history named Fellow of both the IESNA and the IALD.

Recent Publications

Lighting for a Sustainable Future

LD+A: Century Series Article and Centennial Program Presentation

James Benya wrote the Century Series Essay, "Lighting for a Sustainable Future" as part of the IESNA Commemorative Series leading up to its 100 year anniversary in January, 2006, and presented the Essay and additional observations at the Centennial Conference. The Essay was published in the July 2005 Edition of LD+A Magazine and provides careful analysis of the issues, bold predictions for the future, and a strong direction for the IESNA to take. Download a copy of this important essay by clicking here. Download a copy of the presentation PowerPoint slides here.

LD+A Cover July 2005

Architectural Lighting Magazine

James's column will appear in (almost) every issue of Architectural Lighting, including at least 6 articles in 2006. Read "Useful Tools - Lighting Technology Reviewed" from the December, 2005 Architectural Lighting by clicking here.


Benya Lighting Design received these awards in 2002-2007.

LEED Platinum Projects

The Sidwell Friends School, Washington DC

The Chartwell School, Seaside, CA

Winner 2005 International Illumination Guth Award of Merit, Aurora Municipal Center (with Marla Stauth of Swanson Rink Lighting) our partners in Denver.

Winner 2005 International Illumination Guth Award of Merit, Aspen Community Recreation Center.

Winner 2004 International Dark Sky Outdoor Lighting Design Gold Award for the Aspen Community Recreational Center, designed in concert with Rising Sun Enterprises, our partners in Aspen.

Winner 2002 Edison Award for Sustainable Design for Lewis and Clark Law Library

Winner 2003 IALD Special Citation for Sustainable Design for Symantec Springfield.

Finalist, 2003 Better Bricks Awards for Professional Service

Winner, 2002 International Illumination Design Award, West Linn Library.

For a complete list of our awards, click here.