Residential Lighting Design

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Design Services for Residences

¨ Custom home design, including lighting design plans and specifications, dimming and control plans and schedules, and custom lighting details and special effects

¨ Speculative and budget home lighting and control designs

¨ Consultations and designs for portions of homes such as art collections, home theaters, and additions

¨ Landscape lighting including full scale mockups

Field Services for Residences

¨ Construction administration

¨ Dimming system programming

¨ Museum-quality fine art and architectural lighting adjustments

¨ Long term lighting maintenance

Engineering Services for Residences

¨ Complete electrical engineering plans

¨ Communications and low voltage control systems design

¨ Home networks, theaters, and control systems

¨ Alternative energy homes including off-grid designs using solar and other energy sources

Lighting Design Fees

¨ We generally charge an hourly service fee, plus expenses

¨ We accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express

¨ We will reduce our fees or design for free for Habitat for Humanity and other non-profit humanitarian projects. Just ask.